Not just a SEO Case Study. Instead a case study about being found on Google

by the right customers.


Increase awareness and traffic in a very competitive world of Real Estate. One of the main priorities for this project was to get the right target market, mainly from the UK, USA, Canada and other major Caribbean Islands.


We were able to increase traffic to the website by 203% within 6 month period of the project, which tripled the over all traffic to the website, while helping the agency reduce the cost of Google Adwords.


Within six months we were able to from 110 impressions on the website per month to an average of 8,869 impressions per month and on the best month we were able to generate 11,125 impressions. This gave us the ability to learn more about the users and their behavior on our client’s website.

Regarding the rankings of the URL on Google, we began this project with a rank of 69 on average on a long list of potential keywords and by doing the keyword research and enhancing the content we were able to bring the client to an average position of 12 while ranking on the top 5 for the core keywords we chose.

Our team created a brief and contacted each of them. We also worked towards adding value to their websites by sharing comments and content on their blogs that increase their value, while sending back links and potential traffic to the main URL we were working with.

The backlinks were key as we only had 27 to start with, we really had to work towards creating a passive backlink campaign or else it would be seen as black hat SEO which can bring issues in the future. Within this six months created 1,026 back links and were able to bring the authority of the website from 0.3 to 4.21.

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