The Website Design

The website was designed using a story telling wireframe. In order to make the most impact on the user, I began with the content being placed on the left side of the image with a black background that slowly creates a gradient into a powerful image. The idea is that the image will create a persuasive effect on the end-user while the content educates them on why this product is key to have in their home.

Website Imagery examples

The website images were obtained from the different companies that are direct suppliers of my client. Most of these companies have a multimedia section which they gave me access to in order to be able to create images for the website.

Website Development & Implementation

Once the website’s wireframes were fully developed, I went into Photoshop and started to give the wireframes life. Here, I added images, typefaces, white spaces and got the website ready to development.

Once all the templates on PSD were completed, I moved on to wordpress where I got the website developed and ready to be used by the end user.

Currently, the website has been completed and will be launched in July 2017.

John Hopkin

Luxury Life Style

Luxury life style is a way of living that needs to be translated into design as simple, attractive and with a bit of persuasion.


  • Identity Design
  • Social Media Imagery Design
  • Content design
  • Videography


  • Adobe After Effects CC
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Adobe Illustrator CC

CHALLENGE: I had to work towards getting a deep understanding of what the word 'luxury' means to both the brands I was about to deal with and the end user who buys these products. The other challenge had to deal with creating an experience of comfort and luxury within the website. This had to deal with ensuring that the colors and font were appropriate, but more importantly that all the images and videos chosen created the same feeling.

SOLUTION: I worked towards creating deep insight user profiles. I started with the end-users to understand the demographics, the story they have, their needs and goals. From here, I went into creating user profiles of the companies that are part of this luxury brand in order to understand how they want to be presented to the end user.

I then began to shape these user profiles into a customer journey and then into wireframes that served the purpose of mapping the customer's journey into a website. In order to create a more powerful look, I used a direction of a story telling, where I began with the content into the left side and as the user engages his /her eyes to the right side an image of the furniture will show.


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