I am Leopoldo Pirela

A website design freelancer

I help brands to conceptualize their strategy and implement it, while designing seamless digital experiences for their customers on the web.

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Website Design Services
Website Design Services
Website Design Services

I am a freelance website designer

What do I do?

Website Design Services

I love crafting beautiful, smart and inspired work that is focused on a business’ goals and their customers. I do this across different mediums where customers and brand engagements take place.

Over the last 10 years, I have worked with business owners and teams from a variety of business fields to help them create and grow their brand’s web presence.


This is how I can help

The services I have mastered are placed in different categories that match with the process I use to work with all my clients. Every project starts with a strategy that might vary from business to business, but it allows us both to see the project as more than a design project. We will explore real business and marketing goals/objectives and create a road map to achieve them.

Website Design Services


Discovery & Strategy

Whether your brand is new or fully established, I work with you to clarify your website’s purpose, your customer’s experience and accomplish defined goals.


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next-iconUser Experience

next-iconWebsite Architecture


next-iconContent Strategy

next-iconCustomer’s Journey

next-iconCustomer Research

next-iconCompetitors Research

Website Design Services


Web Design & Development

I help you to connect your brand with your customers by creating user-centric, intuitive, adaptive interfaces that will delight and clearly communicate with your customers on the web.

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next-iconWeb Design

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next-iconWebflow Development


next-iconFront-end Development

next-iconStory Brand FrameWork

next-iconMarketing Materials Design

Website Design Services


Continued improvements

Whether you need white-label services for your agency, or monthly web design and development work for your brand, I work with you and your team to consistently improve the performance of your brand online.

a process guarantees results

My Process

My process starts with gathering existing programs and initiatives, stakeholder input, customer research, and industry trends into a highly engaging and interactive meeting.

I run collaborative work sessions (using ZOOM) where I act as a facilitator to gain a deep understanding of your brand and business goals. This approach accelerates the strategic process in general, ensures we are all aiming towards the same direction and goals.

Once we have conceived a strategy together, using the workshop and my framework. I create the desired user journeys, align your brand and produce tangible results that can be applied to your business to help you get closer to your goals.

Once I have completed all my deliverables, I work with your organization for continued improvements and ensure that your organization’s new goals and achievements are being met each month.


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Website Design Services

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Website Design Services

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Website Design Services

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youtube videos: part I

Tools & tips for working from home part I

Working from home and as a freelancer for the last 7+ years has taught me how to effectively communicate with my clients, build a business and keep the operations of the business going as if I were in an office space.

So I am creating a video series sharing with you tips, ideas, and processes to ensure you can get the most out of your time when it comes to working from home.

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